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极速快三官网【The Alley 鹿角巷奶茶】Firmly Believes That Tea Drinking Is a Feeling And a Happiness.

  The Alley Antler Lane Franchise has been around the world。
  I hope that the indescribable but fascinating freehand brushwork hidden in your heart and my heart can be used to delineate a better life through the drink of The Alley.





well-known brand

01. [The Alley] is a well-known brand in Taiwan's new generation, focusing on life creativity and fashion aesthetics. Its interior, cup design and brand style are exemplary. In just four years, it has rapidly developed into Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Shanghai and Macau, and even to Tokyo. Fashion cities such as Shinjuku, Shibuya, Taipei East, Nathan Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, and Hong Kong have become one of the must-have drinks for men and women.

Pursuit of personality

03。 [The Alley] More high-quality drinks and absolute five-star favorite taste quickly become a new base for young fashion trends for men and women weeds, through cross-border IP marketing through tea consumption and emotional expression, to provide young people with The pursuit of personalized intellectual property makes the [The Alley] brand less costly and faster in cash flow。

Professional standard

02. [The Alley] "Brown Sugar Pearl" must be about 0.8-1 cm in diameter. Do not add any artificial syrup when boiled. It relies on a large amount of "pure brown sugar of high purity". After a long period of cooking, mixing, rolling, stewing, etc., the cooked brown sugar deer balls are still delicious. There are three levels to pass.

Explosive Brown Sugar

04. [The Alley] Explosive Brown Sugar Deer Ball Fresh milk is a hot drink brand, not milk tea. Pure brown sugar pearls are as simple as fresh milk, because it is so simple, so delicious, so charming. The simpler it looks, the simpler it is. No tea, artificial flavors, syrup and any interference that can hide the taste buds, it must be perfected on only two elements.

Joining Conditions

  • 1。 Individuals with full civil capacity should be responsible for their words and deeds。

  • 2。 Have the will and determination to comply with and accept the requirements of the franchise system and work with the management of The Alley headquarters。

  • 3。 Recognize and accept The Alley's business philosophy and model, and some people are committed to venture capital。

  • 4.Have a good business reputation,no bad credit history, good communication and leadership skills, and not strict with employees.

  • 5.Must have certain economic investment ability and market expansion ability, as well as the ability to open a franchise store, at least 30,000 yuan of reserve funds for initial store opening.

  • 6。 Have a good business location, and through the on-site assessment of the headquarters, do not need any stores to help find the headquarters。

  • 7. Store management can maintain full commitment, can accept continuous upgrade training, and learn practical and effective franchise knowledge during the shop opening process.

Joining process


Joining message

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